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Jumsen energy-saving control system is a distribution system with full automatic control of temperature display chip.It can check the temperature of the water at any time, and according to the different temperature of demand cold water, it can be fully automated to adjust the speed of fan motor and the switch of fan motor.Keep the temperature of cooling water stable.And water temperature stable reach the highest operating efficiency, the lowest frequency fluctuation, the lowest power consumption function.In this way, the cooling tower of the energy saving series saves energy and improves the service life of the equipment.Jumsen's energy-saving series cooling tower has the following advantages:

  • The temperature display at the moment, Savings of 30 to 50% of motor electricity costs
  • Free control, automatic and manual
  • Reduce the evaporation of water
  • According to the size of the equipment, the purchase cost of the cooling tower will be recovered within 2 years