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Jumsen Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005.Our business include: manufacture, sales, installation, maintenance of cooling tower and cooling system piping design, circuit design and installation process.The company has been successful in China for over 10 years . With over 10 years technological experiences in the cooling tower industry. with temperature display full automatic cooling tower is applied to a lot of manufacturing refrigeration and air conditioning industry, the biggest advantage of cooling tower with temperature display full automatic control system and energy saving save electricity 50%.Our cooling tower products have gained a high reputation in China, including:

  • Comfort Cooling ––HVAC Refrigeration
  • Industrial Production Process Cooling –– Industrial Refrigeration

Jumsen manufactures various types of cooling tower ranging from bottle type and square type counter flow cooling tower, square type cross flow cooling tower; CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) certified cooling tower, to a newly innovated energy saving cooling tower that save 30-50% of electricity consumption. In recent years, we have introduced the latest computer technology to assist in design, modelling, and  analysis (on material, structure, capability). Uncompromising precision is what guarantees our clients the greatest economic benefits for their investment in cooling towers.

Our cooling towers are designed with high performance and an eco-friendly operation in mind. Jumsen has achieved great success in energy-saving, noise reduction, environmental friendly, quality improved and cost reduction of cooling towers. Jumsen is the only manufacture who has set perfect appraisal system of technological ability of cooling towers.

Owing to excellent quality and advanced management, Jumsen has not only been awarded the ISO9001 certificate, but also acquired the performance certificate of C.T.I. Meanwhile, series products of Jumsen like MS square cross flow cooling tower have been praised as "reliable products" by China Cooling Institute. Various honours are enough to prove that Jumsen's cooling towers have advanced technology and excellent quality.